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Riding World Africa

Horseback riding safaris in Africa are among the most exciting and interesting equestrian vacations to be found in the world. Most riding tours in Africa demand a high level of ability, but a few are also appropriate for less experienced guests. The quality of the horses is excellent and the rides often move at a fast pace. There are few paved roads or fences to worry about and lots of wide open country. One of the most attractive aspects of these safaris is that they offer a unique opportunity to interact with wild game on horseback. On many of these rides one can gallop along with giraffe, zebra or wildebeest and one is part of the scene rather than simply observing it from a seat in a vehicle. Riders can also visit remote parts of African national parks where vehicles cannot penetrate and it is far more exciting to be actively moving with the wildlife rather than sitting passively in a van all day. Another attraction is being able to visit local tribes like the Masai in Kenya who have maintained much of their picturesque culture from the past. The food and service are of top quality and the camps very comfortable with the possibility to take a shower on most nights.

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