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Egypt, the land with a 5,000 year old history and the cradle of man's civilization, is full of unsolved riddles. It is the land of the pyramids, the sphinx, mosques, temples, bazaars, the Sahara Desert and the green, fertile ribbon of the Nile which gives the country its vitality.
Riders are greeted by enthusiastic villagers and you have the opportunity to see the life of the fellaheen at close hand. Most of the time the desert is on one side and the flourishing land nourished by the Nile river is on the other. Inextricably interwoven with the history of Egypt is the Arabian horse which gave its warriors success in battle and the ability to travel far and fast across this often harsh terrain.

1999 Itinerary, Pricing and Dates

Day 1: Arrive in Cairo and transfer to a quality hotel. A brief ride around the pyramids before dinner.

Day 2: Ride to the Zawiyet al-Aryan pyramids, the unfinished Pyramid and the sun temples of Abu Ghurob. Overnight in camp beside the Dhashur Pyramid.

Day 3: Trek to El Lisht, where riders find the remains of a funerary complex of compartments filled with sand and then covered with limestone. Bedouin-style dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 4: Continue east to Meidum, said to have been Egypt's first attempt at true pyramid building. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 5: Drive to the Fayoum oasis. After a guided tour of the city, drive to a hotel with time to relax and swim.

Day 6: Transfer to the Meidum Pyramid. After exploring the pyramid, ride to El Lisht in time for the spectacular sunset and dinner.

Day 7: Ride to Dhashur, the site of the recently-opened Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid. Overnight in camp.

Day 8: On to Saqqara, the world's first city of stone. Dinner and overnight in camp, with an Egyptian folklore show, complete with belly dancers and a whirling dervish.

Day 9: Return to Giza and bid farewell to the horses. Explore the Sphinx and the pyramids on your own. Dinner will be at a top quality restaurant with traditional Egyptian fare.

Day 10: A free day for shopping prior to a late evening departure.

Meeting Point Cairo
Trip Length 10 days - 9 nights - 8 days riding
Price $3,750 - 1 person
$2,500 - 2 people
$2,325 - 3 to 5 people
$1,875 - 6 to 12 people
Departure Dates Jan 15-24, Feb 12-21, March 7-16, (special ride with Bayard and Mel), April 16-25, Oct 8-17, Oct 22-31, Dec 24-Jan 2, 2000
Single Supplement $100
Riders Minimum 1, Maximum 12
Riding Per Day 4 - 6 hours
Pace Fast
Tack English
Horses Arab Stallions and Mares
Weight limit 190 lbs.

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