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Horseback Riding Namibia

Damaraland Trail

This once or twice-a-year extravaganza through a barely accessible land of vivid colors and vast open spaces, is for the tough and the adventurous.

Fish River To The Border

This ride combines wide desert plains ideal for long gallops with superb views of the vast, remote Fish River Canyon which is only surpassed in size by the Grand Canyon in the US. You will cover 15 to 30 miles a day through the kind of wild country one no longer finds in America today. The ride will take you from deep in the interior to the Orange River and the border with South Africa not far from the Atlantic Ocean where you can transfer to Capetown for a flight home.

The Ride to the Sea

The ride to the sea is the most challenging endurance ride we offer around the world as it covers 250 miles across one of the world's wildest and least inhabited regions. You will be full of admiration for the horses which go on day after day cantering for miles over the seemingly endless desert. You will learn to appreciate the unique flora and fauna which have adapted to the austere conditions as the days flow by and you become part of the routine.

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