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A beautiful ranching location.Canada - British Columbia

Echo Valley Ranch - Web Site

Discover a great Canadian wilderness paradise, with a colorful gold rush past, that offers more contrast, more textures, more wildlife and more simple delight in the abundance of the natural world than most great places can offer in a lifetime.

Looking over the edge.Located in historic ranch country, adjacent to the mighty Fraser River and the aboriginal homelands of the Shuswap First Nations people, Echo Valley Ranch Resort is an unparalleled destination for adventures in horseback riding, hiking, river rafting and native culture. For days when one is feeling less adventurous you can stay at the ranch and be pampered in our spa, or have a hot tub and swim in our heated swimming pool, or participate in our working ranch activities, or watch falcons being trained.

At Echo Valley, you’ll find cleansing spring waters and ranch grown organic produce…..fresh air unattainable in any urban center and night skies undimmed by city lights. They’ll sooth your nerves, inspire new priorities and return you to the workaday world much saner than when you left.

Hosts Norm and Nan Dove make a special effort to preserve the exclusivity of their working ranch. Echo Valley is their home and their guest enjoy a unique blend of western tradition, modern comforts and quality without compromise…..in short, the best of everything in the great Canadian wilderness.

Echo Valley Ranch Web Site


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