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United States - Montana

G Bar M Ranch - Web Site

Would you like to experience the adventure of living and participating in the everyday activities of a 3,000 acre Montana ranch? The Leffingwell family ranch dates back to the turn of the last century and we have been welcoming guests into our home for over 60 years.

At this ranch, our emphasis is on horseback riding and horsemanship instruction. Many of our horses are born, raised and trained right here on the ranch from our own brood stock especially selected for the temperament and physical ability needed in this terrain and for the security of our guests. We continue to improve our horse herd and enjoy sharing our horses with you.

Guests will average four to seven hours of riding per day, and they are accompanied on these rides by someone who knows the country. Rides are usually geared to the skill level of the average rider of the group, and not all rides are in connection with the cattle. At selected times of the season, people can participate in working with the cattle, trail riding on the summer cattle range, horsemanship instruction and overnight pack trips. We have many varied trails through rugged mountain terrain, gentle sloping foothills, grassy meadows and sagebrush flats, many of which were used by the Indians and our pioneering ancestors.

G Bar M Ranch Web Site



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