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Lonesome Spur Ranch - Web Site

The Lonesome Spur Ranch isn't a dude ranch. It is a real working cattle ranch, where you are invited to participate in the day to day activities. After the work is done there is always time to have a little fun! Ask Nicholas Evans, author of the "Horse whisperer". Mr. Evans stayed with Lonnie and Darlene while doing research for his best seller novel. The Lonesome Spur was the model for Tom Booker's grandparents homestead looking out over the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River. "From its crest you could see the river curving around like a castle moat and in the distance the snowy peaks of the Pryor and Beartooth Mountains."

Guests are invited to join us at branding time the first weekend of May and trailing the cattle to summer pastures around the l5th of May and the l5th of June. Throughout the summer we work on horseback, monitoring the condition of both cattle and range, and moving the herd from one area to another as often as needed to preserve the health of the ecosystem and the cattle, checking water holes and fences. We round up the cattle for weaning and market in mid October and trail the cows home for veterinary check ups and on out to the fall pastures. Our summer and fall ranges consist of approximately 35,000 acres, extending from the Pryor Mountains to the Wyoming border and approximately 1200 acres on the home ranch. In addition to the everyday ranching activities, our guests are also given the opportunity of participating in horseback activities such as team penning and O-Mok-See games, when they are available.

Lonesome Spur Ranch Web Site



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