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United States - Montana

Mills Wilderness Adventures - Web Site

Montana has been called the “Last Best Place”... and
Augusta, Montana has been called the“Last Original Cow Town in the West”.
Come See Why!

A horseback pack trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness reminds you how exhilarating a true authentic adventure of the west can be!

Mills Wilderness Adventures of Montana offer wilderness pack trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex which is known as the “crown jewel” of our wilderness system. The size of the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex is overwhelming. The original wilderness was 950,000 acres, but in the 1970’s the federal government added the Scapegoat Wilderness ( which is to the south) and the Great Bear Wilderness (to the north) enlarging the complex to a whopping 1.5 million acres of high mountain lakes, crystal clear rivers, remote valleys and high alpine meadows. Our trips begin where the Great Plains rise to meet the Rocky Mountains. We climb with the land, from trout-rich rivers through lodge pole forest and alpine meadows to towering limestone cliffs.

This is the home of the tiny shooting star and the 600 pound grizzly bear, the mischievous Clark’s nutcracker and the stately elk. In the glacial sweep of low meadow and aspen groves, we often spot whitetail and mule deer. High basins may yield fossils of unlikely sea plants, sponges and shellfish, as well as today living inhabitants, the pika, marmot, mountain goat and eagle.

The peace and quiet of the wilderness is a pleasure few people can enjoy in the hustle and bustle world of today. There is no daily commute, no phones ringing, no faxes or emails coming in, just a cool, clear mountain morning to put your mind at ease and help clear your thoughts of everyday problems and responsibilities. Spend your days on the back of a beautiful mountain horse, fishing a pristine river, going for a hike or relaxing in a comfortable camp.

So join our family for a fabulous trip and don’t forget your camera and plenty of film to document your trip of a lifetime!!

Mills Wilderness Adventures Web Site


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