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United States - Montana

Sweet Grass Ranch - Web Site

Sweet Grass is a working cattle ranch secluded in the Crazy Mountains of south central Montana, 40 miles from Big Timber. The ranch sits at 6100 feet on the Sweet Grass Creek.  We are a family ranching tradition since 1880 when great-granddad settled under Porcupine Butte, around the corner from Pleny Coups' camp.   We are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Bill, Shelly and Rocco are family full-time at Sweet Grass, joined occasionally by Tony and Ellie from the winter ranch (Otter Creek), and on weekends by Page and Pat from their law practices in Helena.

The ranch encompasses 20,000 acres of mountain and lower rolling country where we raise Angus cattle and horses.  Timothy meadows and clear, sparkling creeks enable deer, antelope, elk, bear, mountain lions, coyotes, mountain goats and an occasional wolf to call this country home, as well as many smaller mammals, eagles, hawks and lots of songbirds.  We are privileged to ride across several good neighbors; coupled with our own land, there are countless miles of riding available. Our guests are welcome to take an active a part as they like in all phases of ranch life from feeding pigs to moving cows and wrangling horses.  To insure everyone an opportunity to really enjoy the ranch, we take a limited number of guests.  Come enjoy our special life and experience the friendly charm of the Sweet Grass Ranch.

Sweet Grass Ranch Web Site


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